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  • Welcome to the Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs and Staffordshire Ladies County Golf Association.


Rules last revised November 18th 2013

1. The Association to be called The Staffordshire Veteran Ladies Golf Association.

2. Conditions of membership:  ­

(i) To have attained the age of 50 years by the 1st February

(ii) To be a member of a recognised Staffordshire Golf Club and to hold a CONGU Handicap.

(iii) New members to have a handicap of 28 or below on 1st February

(iv) Current members may become Associate Members at a reduced fee.

3. The Management of the Association shall be invested in a Committee consisting of: President; Captain; Vice-Captain; Past Captain; Hon. Secretary; Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Competitions Secretary, Hon Match Secretary and no more than six other members. Five to form a quorum.

4(a)   “Hon Secretary, Hon, Competitions Secretary, Hon Match Secretary and Hon Treasurer should serve a maximum of five years. The President to hold office for not more than two years. The Captain to hold office for one year only.

No more than one member from any one club may be an officer of the Association at the Association at the same time.

(b) Two members of the Committee shall retire annually by rotation and shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of one year. No member to serve more than three consecutive years. Retiring Captain to remain on Committee for one year.

5. The election of members of Committee shall take place in the following manner:

Any two members of the Association shall be at liberty to nominate a member to serve on the committee, having previously obtained the consent of such member.

The name of the member so nominated shall be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.

No more than one member from any one club may serve on the Committee.   However there may be an officer and a committee member from the same club at any given time.

6. The Annual General Meeting to be held in November each year at which officers for the ensuing year shall be elected and the ordinary business of the Association transacted.

7. Annual subscription to be fixed by the Committee each year due: - February 1st each year.

8. Any member who fails to pay her subscription and renew her membership each year shall be required to re-apply for Association membership.

9. The financial year shall end on 30th September each year.

10. The committee shall have power to make or amend, from time to time, any rule as it may seem necessary for the well-being of the Association, to have effect until the next Annual General Meeting which shall revoke or confirm the action taken by the Committee. No rule shall be made and no existing rule permanently changed or repealed except by two-thirds majority of those present at the Annual General Meeting.

11. Any member wishing to put forward a resolution must give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary one calendar month prior to the Annual General Meeting, and must have such proposition seconded by another member of the Association from another club.

12. Extraordinary General Meetings of the Association shall be held by discretion of the Committee, or on a written request to the Hon. Secretary, signed by not less than six members, from different clubs. Such requests shall state the purpose for which the meeting is to be held and at such meeting no matter shall be taken into consideration except those specified in the notice convening the same. Such Extraordinary General Meetings shall be held within one calendar month after receipt by the Secretary of such request. The Hon Secretary shall send to every member notice of the date, place, and object of such Extraordinary General Meeting not less than seven days before the date of the meeting.

NOTE: Suggested time for Committee Meetings - three weeks - before Annual General Meeting when agenda shall be prepared. Other Committee Meetings to be held at such times as the Hon. Secretary shall deem necessary.

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