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- A brief history of the Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs -

By 1922 Staffordshire was the only Midland County without a County Union yet it's members were winners and runners up of the Midland Counties Championship 1919-1922. This led to a desire for a County Union to promote a County Championship and County Matches, a uniform method of handicapping and assisting the game of golf in the County.

To this end a meeting was convened at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, on May 3rd, 1923. Eight clubs were present: Dartmouth, Handsworth, Little Aston, Oxley Park, Penn, Sandwell Park, South Staffordshire and Walsall, .

Thirteen clubs first joined the Union, whilst at least another twelve had yet to respond. One club, said they were presently in debt but hoped to join very soon.

The effort to promote excellence in golf went hand in hand with matches against other counties and in 1953 it was proposed that badges displaying the Stafford Knot should be presented to players who scored a minimum of 15 wins in the 1st Team, backdated to 1948. That meant that 8 players were awarded County Colours.

The Union is indebted to Brocton Hall GC for allowing the use of its Clubhouse as the Union's Headquarters.

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