The Lord Stafford, D.L.

County President

Michael Entecott

Immediate Past County President

Nick Weaver

County Secretary 

Malcolm Eustace

County Treasurer

Mike Hardbattle

County Men's Golf Chairman

Charles Birchall

County 1st Team Captain

Richard Knott

County 2nd Team Captain

Simon Farmer

County Juniors' Golf Chairman

Roger Waite

County Seniors' Golf Chairman

Mark Ashton

County Seniors' Captain

Colin Woolley

County Nominations and Disciplinary Chairman

Andrew Dathan

County Golf Development Chairman

Alan Street

County Membership Scheme Secretary

Bob Simkin

County Card Administrator

Barry Whitaker

County Welfare Officer

Alan Street
Mob: 07904 193916

Directory 2021


M.W. Entecott

Immediate Past President

N.C. Weaver

Past Presidents 

A.A. Johnstone
I. Forster
J. Loader
J.F. Baugh
Professor D.J.E. Thomas
A.N. Dathan
J.H.P. Whitehouse
R. Waite
M.A. Payne
N.C. Weaver

Vice Presidents 

L. Hancock
T. Leece
M. Tunnicliffe
B. Whitaker

Any club member of the Union wishing to contact a member of the above committees, and whose details do not appear on the website, should send a sealed letter to the County Secretary who will forward it to the member concerned.