The S.U.G.C. is pleased to announce that three more Staffordshire Clubs have joined the National County Card Scheme. These are Brocton, Calderfields and Trentham Park bringing the total to 33.

In addition 33 clubs in Shropshire and Hereford have joined the scheme

The Staffordshire Clubs are:

  1. Aston Wood

  2. Barlaston

  3. Beau Desert

  4. Bloxwich

  5. Branston

  6. Brocton

  7. Burslem

  8. Calderfields

  9. Drayton Park

  10. Druids Heath

  11. Great Barr

  12. Ingestre Park

  13. Leek

  14. Lichfield C.C.

  15. Manor

  16. Newcastle under Lyme

  17. Oxley Park

  18. Onneley

  19. Penn

  20. Perton

  21. Sandwell Park

  22. South Staffs

  23. Stafford Castle

  24. Stone

  25. The Staffordshire

  26. The Chase

  27. Trentham

  28. Trentham Park

  29. Uttoxeter

  30. Walsall

  31. Wergs

  32. Westwood

  33. Wolstanton

Members of these golf clubs are able to obtain a County Card from their golf club on payment of a small fee, in return for which, they will receive a membership card for one year which will give them access to approximately 1300 courses in many English Counties at reduced rates. 

If your club is not one of those listed above, but you would like to participate in this scheme, your Club Secretary should be able to help.